While we do have a convenient map at the bottom of every page, it is a bit small so we thought you might appreciate a bigger one.  We're the little dark square surrounded by the slightly larger gray square (our parking lot).  Hopefully, there's a little red bubble thing pointing to us, but sometimes that red bubble can be a bit tricky so don't worry if said red bubble appears to be pointing to a random spot on the road.

If you're familiar with Dwight, then you can find us right next to the grade school.  If you're not from around here, don't worry!  Click on "Directions" in the map, and Google will kindly provide you with accurate directions from wherever it is you might be coming from.

 This is what you're looking for:


Worship With Us

Traditional: Sundays - 8 AM

Sunday School for all ages: Sundays - 9:15 AM

Contemporary: Sundays - 10:30 AM

Or watch live at: